FSK Ventures

Startup studio focused on empowering mission-driven, idea-stage founders

Victor - FindHaven

"Working with FSK was an incredible experience. Not only did we build a high-quality product, but I also received great strategic advice along the way. I would highly recommend FSK to everyone who is looking to build their MVP."

Broderick - JamminTogether

"It was a pleasure to work with FSK to rebuild our marketplace. They went above and beyond the scope of the project. I look forward to working further with them as our business grows."

Brannon - ChatGems

I consider myself incredibly lucky to cross paths with FSK. Before meeting them, I met several people who talked the talk but couldn't actually deliver. Experience with FSK was vastly different.

Luke - Refrr

"The FSK Ventures team went above and beyond to understand the issues with my startup. It was amazingly refreshing to meet someone that didn't just see dollar signs. Excited to continue working with FSK."
Luke - Refrr.io

As of June 2024, we exclusively work with founders referred to us directly by 1871 startup accelerator.